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My name is Dominique Chantal Faivre 

I always loved colors, I knew I would enjoy painting in oils.
France, the country of my birth and where I lived till my late teens, was the right place to appreciate and love art.
My family and I moved to Canada.  Our first stop was Montreal and then Thunder Bay, Ontario.  There, I met my husband Michael. We are now residing  Oshawa Ontario.
 I am a self-taught artist, sometimes I do some sketching  and then put my ideas onto my canvas, or I work directly onto it.  I take some of my inspirations from my photographs that I took during my travels.  I work with oils which is my favorite medium, I do mostly landscapes.  I like to show into my work a lot of details and colors. 
Collections in Europe, Canada and United States.

Criticism is part of being an artist, and the only way I have ever taken it is for the betterment of my work.  Not everybody is going to like what you do.
While constructive criticism makes me a better artist, non constructive criticism is just someone's opinion, and usually worth ignoring.  I find that I am my greatest critic.  As long as I like my work and can see ways to improve it, I   believe I will continue to grow as an artist".